Telling stories: Where Transformation begins

I’m a storyteller. An alchemist of words. When we change the words, we change the story. We change our lives. In laymen’s terms, alchemy is the magic that happens when something miraculous is created out of the simplest of ingredients. I love telling stories because you never know what your story, shared without expectation or judgment, might invoke.

“I was reading/listening to Brene Brown today and kept thinking of you.”

“She reminds me of you.”

Said someone(s) recently. And others previously.

Well then, I’m in damn good company.

I feed my soul with the beauty of other people’s stories, told in their own words. So, wanting to know more about her stories, I picked up Brown’s most recent book, Rising Strong, to better understand the comparisons.

She isn’t new to me. I’ve seen her on YouTube, and on a few TED talks,. I love what she says and how she says it, but haven’t finished them or read her books because the content isn’t new to me. I still love how she says it. And just like when I am reading Anne Lamott, whose memoirs I can get lost in, I find myself wishing I sounded more like her. That I could say things as she does. Sigh.

I say things as I do. As it should be. As it is for all of us. Anne Lamott ( tells her stories brilliantly with conversations. Brene Brown tells them with research, structure, and by cause and effect. Her storytelling spells out for us the exact steps we need to take in order to transform, while Anne Lamott tells stories that allow us to find our way on our own. Brene satisfies my need to ground emotions in facts. Lamott satisfies my desire for whimsy.

I do a bit of both.

In my world of words, I am telling stories in order to share what I’ve learned. My goal is to invite you to join me around my imaginary campfire, where we can swap stories, just like when we were kids. In this place our stories become increasingly intimate and vulnerable, until we’re telling each other things we don’t usually say, and are afraid we might regret in the light of day. But it’s too late because the words have been said, Even if only in our own heads.

Which is where transformation begins. That’s the power of telling our stories.

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