Meet The Transition Team

This is not just a business. This is community.

[tran-zish-uh n, -sish-]
1. movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, subject, concept, etc., to another; change:

the transition from adolescence to adulthood.

I sent a text to Corey and Toni a few months ago that read:

We’re starting a movement.

Pretty bold words, eh?


Change is inevitable and constant. We all know that. Affecting change requires conscious effort. Affecting change as a group requires a shared vision, and a shit-ton of courage. You’ve got to also be a little bit insane, in a head in the clouds feet on the ground, leap before you look kind of a way.

You’ve got to be willing to do things that your parents, co-workers, whoever wrote the rules that you currently live by, probably don’t want you to do. Not because you want to. Because you have to.

Being part of the Transition Team means being driven, collectively, to keep moving, keep creating, keep turning over rocks searching for treasures.

Healing. Creating. Evolving.

How do you join the Transition Team?

If you just asked yourself that question, you’re already on the Team.

The next step is action: Purchase a Year With Corey membership plan, get on the mailing list, follow us on Facebook.

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Corey Hale, MA PHD (ABD Depth Psychology)
Catalyst. Alchemist. Trickster. Chaos Tamer.

It all began on a boat in Hawaii.

Allow me to explain.

When Corey was twenty-two, she was living in Hawaii. She had a perfectly respectable but boring job at a boutique. And then one fateful day she had a realization.

There were two things in life that she really wanted: Adventure, and to help others.

It became clear that she would get neither of these working at a boutique.

She was in Hawaii, land of adventure, but she was spending her time working indoors instead of out in the world.

So she gave up her career in retail and landed a gig as First Mate on a boat.

From there she went to Guam, and the years that followed included sharks, and monasteries, and traveling through the US looking for adventure, and finding it.

Some of her friends worried about her and her "unconventional" lifestyle, but their concern wasn't really needed. She was not tied down to a nine-to-five job or a mortgage. Adventurers don't require such trappings. In fact those things just get in the way.

The second part of her "aha" moment back in Hawaii was that people were always coming to her for her insight and perspective.

Her closest friends called her "Clarity Woman."

She found that she had a gift for connecting with people and helping them not only sort through the challenges they faced in life, but find solutions and spring into action.

So when she returned to California, she went from GED to PHD in the time it took her son to graduate high school.

She has worked as a family coach, helping people in real pain find action-based solutions.

She has helped entrepreneurs get out of their own way so they can do the work they are meant to do and have the life they are meant to have.

She is the woman who is going to ask you the question you never wanted to answer but were afraid you would never be asked.

All the while though, still working for other people. Not a bad deal, but a couple of months ago she had yet another realization:

It's time to level-up.

So she started her own business - and that brings us to now.

Corey has an ultra-cute kitty named Lily and a red Miata.

She'd love to hear from you.



Kelli Ewing
Writer. Artist. Web designer. Client Care Wizard.

When I was a little kid I was a daredevil, but not for the usual reasons. I wasn't chasing after a thrill, I was desperately searching for a space where I could be myself. It's impossible to be anything but real when you're mid-air after jumping off the breakwall into the ocean.

I’ve left my daredevil days behind, and I'm no longer searching for me. I found me, and I'm okay with me.

But I am still on this quest to experience new and fun things. What excites me is finding the next new thing: New skill, new friends, new ways to be of service. What I want is to live in a world where nobody has to get away with things. Where we can all be exactly who we are, and have a great time in the process.

What I am is a work in progress - Messy, loud, insecure. Unpolished. Creative. Friendly. Fun.

During the day I extract, analyze, and format data for a non profit healthcare organization, helping smart people make good decisions that help the community we serve. When I'm not at my day job, I’m a writer, an artist, and a geek.

In my dreams I fight crime while wearing a cape.

I collect all things robot. R2D2 was my first love.

I love indie rap, my pets KittyFace and Artoo, and you.

Feel free to hit me up if you wanna chat.