The photos referred to in Corey’s newest book, Inside Pele’s Chaos, can be found at this link below:

The Hawaiian terms, locations and pronunciations that Corey writes about in Inside Pele’s Chaos can be found at this link below: 

The videos below are the Live Feeds that Corey made 

during the eruption of Kilauea in 2018. 

They are poignant and raw. 


Mar 1
I’m a train writer

Feb 22
House sitting in Volcano Village … so peaceful

Feb 20
Fissure 8 is still steaming – waiting for the dinosuars to come out of the mist

Feb 20
Driving through Leilani Estates next to fissure 8

January 12
Driving up Pohoiki to lava dead end

January 12
New Black sand beach at Pohoiki


Nov 3
Arriving and getting settled in Truth or Consequences, NM

Nov 5
Into the geothermal baths

July 14
Being in transition and more about Lily

Aug 17
Things that crawl in the night and people who don’t call

Oct 10
Uncle Roberth’s Wednesday night open air market with live music captures how it feels to live in Puna

Oct 31
Loading up Ricky and Lucy (the Miata and the RV)

Nov 2
Update from a rest stop in Arizona. My first day on the road.

June 27
It’s raining it’s pouring

June 28
A visit from Hot Tea Neighbor

July 3
Moved out of the parking lot but still in a tent. Fissure 8 is 180 feet tall now.

July 11
More loss as the eruptions continue

July 14
My Lily

June 15
As close as I can get to Lanipuna Gardens now in Leilani Estates

June 18
Interviewed for Smithsonian TV, coloring, and being taken care of in the Wellness Tent

June 19
FEMA day and other frustrations

June 25
Our parking lot evacuation center

June 26
I’m over it already, getting ready to move out of the parking lot

June 15
Inside Leilani Estates near fissure 8

June 15
The sound of lava and one bird chirping where there used to be so many more in Leilani Estates

June 15
So near to the lava and it’s eerily quiet in Leilani Estates

June 15
The backside of fissure 8 where you can hear the roar of the lava in Leilani Estates

June 15
Tephra and dead trees in Leilani Estates

June 3
Being sick and the patronizing Red Cross nurse

June 8
Acid rain and the Pahoa micro climate as it rains buckets and drops Pele’s hair

June 10
Kazumi on ukulele playing for us on my laina in the parking lot

June 12
Deliveries received from Pu’uhonua o Puna

June 13
Feeling rough and deciding to not go to California right now

May 6
Taken on the way into Lanipuna Gardens on the only day it was open to evacuees

May 6
Taken on the way out of Lanipuna Gardens – the only time I was allowed to go in. This is taken from Red Road and would be covered by lava soon

May 7
Maybe I won’t lose my land

May 15
12,000 foot ash eruption at the crater, still no gas masks available

June 2
The maps say my land is safe, then not safe, then safe, then not safe…today I find out the truth.

Feb 4
55th birthday camping at Pohoiki with Lily. Watching the moonrise, listening to the surf and the coquis

Mar 3
Camping with Lily the Incredible Traveling Cat and falling asleep to the coquis

Mar 6
Lily on the dashboard 

Mar 26
Crazy rain in Hilo

May 3
First day of eruptions as I am evacuating from Lanipuna Gardens


June 3
Wild black pigs roaming the park at Ahalanui (warm ponds)


May 8
Listening to the coquis outside the window of my gypsy wagon loft


Oct 21
Showing you my newly acquired land