Politics and Daddy Issues

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As a purely intellectual pursuit (as a psychologist),


I can't help but see this election as a series of mommy/daddy issues being perpetuated by the supposedly disenfranchised, and by the untreated survivors of abuse.

Childish. Petty. Fearful. All coming from a belief in scarcity, a lack of love, or a desire for revenge.



But fascinating.

Hillary isn't your mommy and Trump is not your daddy and you will not gain daddy or mommy's love, nor will you regain your self esteem by who wins or loses this race.

Probably beyond the scope but it's the pattern that is apparent.


Please don't waste your time posting what's great or what sucks about either of them. It's not the point and I will delete your comment if it is about anything other than psychology, Shadow, or Oedipus.

This election has done us the favor of revealing our underbelly. All the racism, sexism, homophobia, double standards and hypocrisy are on the big screen now for the world to see.

Delete me if what I'm saying pisses you off. Just know that any, and I mean ANY, knee jerk response is always a wound showing itself that wants to be healed.

You can run but you cannot hide. This is our big test as humans. Wonder how we're going to do?

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