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Ka Uhane ha’a ha’a mai’ola mai, mahalo ia oe …

By Kahuna Ali’i Nui Kumu’Ola Leina'”la.K. Brown “Audis”

Mahalo ame Aloha…

– From Hawaiian Kahuna Kumu High Priestess Audis

You really have a way with story-telling, makes it personal. And you are correct about how we deal with this loss. Many people, though they can hide it well, are emotionally scarred from this event. I saw it in my friends eyes, hell – I see it in the mirror some nights. Appreciate you taking the time to write this, Corey.

– Dane DuPont

Aloha  mahalo nui loa, Beautiful brave warrior gypsy soul.

I am deeply thankful for your openness. I feel every ounce of your love and your pain. Your connection, your feeling lost, and also found. I don’t feel like I can possibly offer you anything other than my love and aloha.

Ayres Vanessa Root

Only a few people in this world are blessed and ready and connected enough to be able to experience what you did and still do. And you are now gifting us with being able to put this energy into words. You seem like a very special being dear. And the few real ones I met also experienced incredible darkness, countless dark nights of the soul. I think most of us humans life in the in-between most of the time and try to make the best of it. You, dear one were graced to feel HOME, the place we all yearn for. It’s a spiritual place, a place of grace, of feeling healed, loved and whole. Will you find it again in form of land? Or will it be found within and expressed through your gift of words and storytelling? I wish I knew and could tell you, sweet love.

– Alessandra Rupar-Weber

Wow that was deep and intense. Never do i sit and read long paragraphs of anything, but this time I stopped listened and read. You reached into my heart and mind and made me look in the mirror.

Martin MonDragon

Your insights reflect and help people understand grief, whether it’s the loss of a home or in my case a husband. Thank you for this beautiful reminder to treat all people gently; we don’t know what grief they may be living through.

– Jan Makinson Ferree

You have given a voice to many many people today who are grieving, no matter what it is they are grieving…. you truly gave a gift of validation and respect to so many going through this process….

– Sarah Chaput

God, that was well written!!!! Thank you! I’m not someone in Hawaii who has lost things to lava, but I AM someone who, just in life, has lost things, had things taken away, given away things. Your words gave life to my feelings. <3  

 – Kendra Hankins Morton

Your words are beautiful and stirring and profound and opening <3 – – – Marcella McMahon