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About Me

Inside Pele's Chaos - Corey Hale. Author, Spirit Guide, Adventurer.

Corey Hale, Blue Blazes Training, Inc., MA, Ph.D. (ABD) Depth Psychology – Voted by her closest friends in High school as most likely to be a “bag lady”, Corey brings new meaning to the term. Raising her son alone.

she traveled from Northern CA to Santa Barbara once a month in order to attend graduate school, all while juggling her more than full-time practice as a Family Coach with Juvenile Probation.

Since then she’s honed her coaching expertise as Client Care Director for workshop companies and entrepreneurs, and in her private practice as a Sales and Social Media Marketing Coach. Never able to hold still for long, she’s been working her virtual coaching wonders from the road, accompanied by her sidekick kitty, her favorite red shoes, and of course, her favorite bags.


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