With advanced degrees in Ecopsychology, Depth Psychology and background as both an adventurer and a scholar, Corey Hale has lived a unique life that led to her recent journey through the emotional roller coaster offered by living close to nature in the jungles of Hawaii. She is a practitioner of the human condition with expertise in the meanings and origins of fire, evolution, change and rebirth.

A Thoughtful, spiritual wanderluster who’s life path serves as an example of how to navigate life’s most challenging experiences; She is a survivor and fierce warrioress.

Corey gives voice to the emotions of her heart-home, Puna, Hawai’i. She has an original voice. An authentic voice.

If you want to understand why anyone would choose to live on an island in the shadow of an active volcano, prepare yourself for a wondrous journey as she takes you along from living in the jungle with her cat, Lily, through the eruptions of Kilauea in 2018.

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