Zen and the Art of Jungle Living

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Situation assessed. The leak I thought I fixed? I didn’t. Mattress ruined. Pillows ruined. Sealed skylight again. Going to the laundromat to wash bedclothes. Kicked out the coqui frogs. Again. Mosquito coil going. Lily peering out the door at what … Continued

Corey Hale: Blogger

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Aloha, My name is Corey Hale. I’m a Depth Psychologist, a catalyst, the trickster, and a wander woman, living offgrid in my gypsy wagon in the rain forest on the Big Island of Hawaii. I’ve been blogging, pretty much as … Continued

Not Politics as Usual

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Why am I using words like ignorance, racism, sexism, and bigotry? Because whether or not that’s who you are, it’s what you allowed in. You can want change without accepting the unacceptable. This is not about resisting the democratic process. … Continued

Phase Two

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People ask me why I stay. Or why I did it. Or how I did it. By putting one foot in front of the other. By adapting. By rolling with the punches. By not giving in to the jungle. By … Continued

Politics and Daddy Issues

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As a purely intellectual pursuit (as a psychologist), I can’t help but see this election as a series of mommy/daddy issues being perpetuated by the supposedly disenfranchised, and by the untreated survivors of abuse. Childish. Petty. Fearful. All coming from … Continued