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My name is Corey Hale. I'm a Depth Psychologist, a catalyst, the trickster, and a wander woman, living offgrid in my gypsy wagon in the rain forest on the Big Island of Hawaii.

I've been blogging, pretty much as an amateur who thought she was a professional, for about six years. I've had a membership program grow from it, but that's currently on hold as my life is in a bit of flux right now. My blog kind of knows what it wants to be, but it's going to need some cleaning up.

I began as a Client Care Specialist (created a training manual that I've never released), then went on to more personal things, like video blogging my solo travels in my RV with my cat for a few years. Those videos are currently private as I consider what to do with them.

The focus is slowly but surely coming around to be about the Hero's Journey, which is an archetypal (universal pattern) we're all a part of, whether person, place, or thing. There is a consciousness to all things, according to its function and form, and each of us is on our own Journey, and a part of the Journey's around us. I've created an oracle deck based on 12 of the stages, and have a proposal I'll soon be submitting to publishing houses.

The value of the oracle deck, and what I'd like my blog to become is, once you know the stages, you're empowered to navigate your life with more clarity and confidence, knowing it's a stage, and not something that's just wrong with you.

I want people to know this very much.

I've worked for more than a few online coaching, training, and marketing companies, so my head is full of some good stuff, but also cluttered up with a bunch of what I feel is some low-level trash. I would like to get organized with my blog, have a publishing schedule, treat it like it's real.

So I am here, butterflies in my tummy, but saying out loud, I want to be a real blogger. I'm taking myself seriously. finally.

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Corey is a Catalyst, an Alchemist, and a Chaos Tamer.

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