Not Politics as Usual

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Why am I using words like ignorance, racism, sexism, and bigotry? Because whether or not that's who you are, it's what you allowed in.


You can want change without accepting the unacceptable.

This is not about resisting the democratic process. My resistance is to losing what so many have been fighting for. Women. People of color. LGBT. Equality. I will fight. I will resist. I will rally people to fight and to resist. I will risk, just as those who have risked before me.

Am I overreacting? I hope so. I'm also preparing for the likelihood that I am not. Unlike you, less responsible Trump supporters are using this as an opportunity to take their unhappiness with their lives out on whomever they see as the reason.

Fear has been given a license to thrive. I won't bury my head in the sand and wait, hoping that the next four years won't actually destroy and dismantle what's been gained.

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  1. ThankYou Very Much, Muchos Gracias, Mahalo Nui …I Stand With You & Malcolm <3

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